Chairman Speak

C. N. Ravikiran - Chairman & Trustee

India along with the world is witnessing the age of science and technology. Technical Education shall meet the exponential demands of expanding society and also shall meet its unique and versatile demands. In our everyday life and in every sphere of our life, the influence of science and technology is becoming so omnipresent that man's existence in this world is simply unimaginable in their absence today. This is why, to train our people in response to the need of the time, our education must be reorganized to give it the necessary practical and technical bias. Such education alone can produce specialized teams for making and operating modern machines. The role of educational institutions shall be to redefine the end of education, which shall be in the mainstream` of economic development and to ensure a place for India along with other developed nations. Besides this, in this age of unemployment, only technical education can assure one, a job and a comfortable living. Gaining knowledge in specialized areas and professional skills can contribute to the progress and prosperity of our country.

I welcome you to the EWCE family, and wish every one of you that your journey with us would be a long cherished one by you, and help you to build your career.

Director Admissions Speak

Welcome to East West College of Engineering Digital Platform. I am happy to understand that you are interested in pursuing the Engineering course. Engineering is the application of Scientific, Economic, Social and Practical knowledge in order to invent, design, build, maintain, research and improve structure, machines, devices, systems, materials, and processes. Engineers impact on every aspect of society and have enabled us to embrace new technologies and developments at an ever increasing speed. In the future engineers will create newer, faster and safer ways to travel, and develop cleaner, cheaper and renewable sources of energy. Engineers are responsible for creating and improving technologies that benefit society. The engineer has the skills and experience to help convert information into knowledge, which in turn creates wealth for the nation.

Purushotham B - Director Admissions